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New Hire Press Training

We offer a wide range of training for the beginner (new hire) to the expert experienced pressman. There is always  room for improvement!
So get Optimized, give me a call for a free consultation.

Let me introduce myself,my name is Joe Iacobino.
I was a Printing Demonstrator/Instructor for a major German Press Manufacturer manroland for over 23 years. I have demonstrated and instructed press crews all over the world and I am now offering my expert training skills to you. I have experience on R200E, R300, R500, R700, R900 and the New Evolution R700 and R900 Presses. Also Experience in the Pecom, Integration Pilot, ICP(inline color pilot) and many other options that came on the manroland presses over the years. You will find that my rates $100/hr are very reasonable compared to the competition. Call or Email for a free consultation.
704-576-2444 jiacobino2@gmail.com

Training Services Include the Following Fees $100 per hr. Plus Travel Expenses*

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Thanks For Visiting, Hope to hear from you soon! Joe Iacobino